Ring related projects

Richard Wagner: Siegfried (Illustration von Sebastian Hammwöhner und Gabriel Vormstein)
Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen is the attempt to tell the story of the world from its origins to its downfall. This did not happen seamlessly or without fractures: ideologies followed on one after another in the three decades it took to create it, and myths and stories changed. About the Ring is an artistic and discursive accompanying programme that devotes itself to the different perspectives of Richard Wagner and his work: A total of seven Ring matinees at various locations illuminate the historical contexts of Wagner's world design, his image of society and his practical composition. The course of the work on the production spans the 19th to the 21st century: How have our concepts of work, power, gender, nature or Utopia changed since Wagner's attempt to capture the modern in myth?

Music, dance and art projects during the 2012 Festival

The confrontation with Wagner will be continued in a series of other artistic projects up to the Festival: the radio author Wiebke Matyschok will be inviting people to take a walk through Munich with a mobile audio feature, during which the relationship between Richard Wagner and Munich will be explored.

In a cooperation between the Munich Kammerspiele and the Bavarian State Opera, Schorsch Kamerun will be making a theatrical tour of Munich, with München komplett – away from the "Valhalla of Maximilianstrasse", through inns and other localities, on the constant search for venues that more truly represent Munich.

The Italian theatrical artist Romeo Castellucci looks back, in his installations, to mythical experiences of the end and the realisation of the downfall, fluctuating between horror and relief. The set designer Philine Rinnert is placing a RELIC in Munich's open space as a reaction to the problem of the totality and comprehensibility of Wagner's works. The Israeli choreographer Saar Magal, together with the composer Moritz Gagern, the video artist Benjamin Krieg and dancers from Israel and Germany, examines the non-existent Wagner culture in her home country in The Misinterpretation of the Ring. Sven Holm, taking Wagner Women as his motto, compares the fates of the female figures in the Ring with the female succession strategies in the Wagner dynasty in a musical theatre event in the Haus der Kunst.

Two further musical contributions complete the programme: The Vertigo trombone quartet revives the Utopia of a once revolutionary music and the Orchester am Jakobsplatz presents, in its concert Überwältigung (Overpowering), the works and manifestos of various idealists and ideologues in musical theatre.

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