Ring Website

Ring-Motive: www.ring.staatsoper.de

Ring Motives: www.ring.staatsoper.de

An interactive Ring des Nibelungen in cyberspace: media artist Manuela Hartel and composer Felix Leuschner have designed an online project for the Bavarian State Opera that approaches Wagner's tetralogy playfully and through association. From 4 February onward, in parallel with the premiere dates, four audiovisual Ring sections will be available online at Ring Motives. On 8 July, at the end of the first cycle of performances at the Bavarian State Opera, these four individual parts will then be forged into one Ring.

Hartel and Leuschner work with video and music, shaping and defining images and sounds along the complex of themes within Wagner's magnum opus, ultimately creating four independent ring essences. By fragmenting, overlayering and recombining music, speech and video material, they create a media art project which, however, is only brought to life through interaction with visitors and website users. Through movement, combination and fun and games, they creatively animate the four stories – thus creating a very personal complete work of art.