Optimization / Browser

The Bavarian State Opera's Internet pages have been optimized for Microsoft Explorer. Errors may occur, particularly when using other browsers for on-line reservations.

Recommended settings: Microsoft Explorer 5.x, Java and Cookies activated.

Printing pages

At the end of each page, you'll find "Print":

If you click on it, the page in question will appear in optimum form for printing. Go to the menu point "print". The desired pages will be printed out for you on standard letter paper.


You'll find a precise overview of any given website on the sitemap. From there, of course, you can immediately "click further" to the contents you're looking for.

Where am I?

To help you get your bearings, you can find out your current location on the multi-colored guidance system between the four websites as well as the status line: "You are here". You can use the status line to retrace your steps at any time.

The headings in the grey bar always refer to the content of the lowest navigation level in which you are located.