The Bavarian State Opera offers committed companies and individuals the highest form of partnership: participation in new productions (and projects).

Exclusive: one new production - one partner.

Besides being named on the sponsor's plaque, the partner receives as only company all the options for individual presentation all around the respective production. In addition to VIP events, this also covers all publications: from the poster to the program to the cast list.

The Partners and their Projects

O2 Germany and "Nabucco"

For the second time in the 2007/2008 season, sincere thanks are due to mobile telephone provider O2 for its extraordinary commitment as exclusive main sponsor of a new production.

The Bavarian State Opera is fortunate indeed that O2 has decided, besides its partnership in Tchaikovsky’s Evgeny Onegin, to support the new production of Verdi’s Nabucco as well. It is a sign of the strong tie between O2 Germany and the Bavarian State Opera in Munich – but also an example of how successful a cultural involvement of this kind can function.

In its selection of new productions in 2007/2008, O2 has opted for two totally different operatic productions.

The story of Nabucco (Conductor: Paolo Carignani, Stage Director: Yannis Kokkos) with its war-like religious quarrels forms a total contrast to the melodramas popular at the time of its creation. In the focus of attention: on the one hand we have the struggle of the Jewish people for freedom from Babylonian captivity, on the other the wantonness of the title character, who wants to make himself into God and pays for it by losing his mind before being healed by conversion to the Jewish faith.

The Bavarian State Opera expresses its gratitude with pride in the sustained support of O2.
Plakat 'Nabucco' Design Fons Hickmann m23

Audi and "Alice in Wonderland"

It has almost become a tradition for AUDI AG, besides its ongoing commitment in the Premium Circle, to wax enthusiastic, this year as well, for a new production.

The Festival opener and world première of Alice in Wonderland will be generously supported in conjunction with the company’s comprehensive art and culture sponsoring program “Audi Art Experience”.
Korean composer Unsuk Chin has written this work, based on Lewis Carroll’s great classic especially for the Bavarian State Opera. The story-book dream worlds will be created by Achim Freyer, and the musical score will be conducted by Maestro Kent Nagano.

Following a dream, venturing into new territory – maxims that do not just apply to this opera. The audi Corporation, true to its motto “Vorsprung durch Technik”, often ventures down unusual paths to discover and develop something new. Curiosity and imagination are just as important for this undertaking as is the belief that dreams really can come true.

The Bavarian State Opera is deeply grateful for the noble commitment and the long-time cooperation with AUDI AG.
Unsuk Chin


The generous commitment of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has made it possible for Festspiel+ 2007 to expand the borderlines of the musical theatre and open them up to the visual arts once again this year, thus offering new, thrilling ventures to our audience.

Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants: “The basic idea of breaking out of the usual framework of regular operatic activities and venture artistic experiments on extraordinary sites immediately fascinated us. The convincing factor was also the uncompromising quality level we can sense in every phase of Festspiel+. Should we also succeed in gaining an audience from beyond the classic opera public, then it will have been worth all the effort.
The concept of this year’s edition of Festspiel+ will certainly meet this demand. The point of departure is the classic children’s book: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as set to music by Korean composer Unsuk Chin. California artists working with Diana Thater will ocncern themselves with Bavarian tradition. Avant-garde musicians will give concerts in the exhibition halls of the Pinakothek der Moderne. In short: there will be plenty of things to discover – and we are looking eagerly forward to it.”

This year Festspiel+ will be presented as a cooperative effort between the Bavarian State Opera and the Pinakothek der Moderne, and we would like to express our sincere thanks to Roland Berger Strategy Consultants for their kind support.

sd&m and the Encouragement Program

Encouraging talented young artists is at the forefront here. To commemorate the firm’s 25th anniversary, sd&m AG has decided to assume the patronage of three selected young artists in the Opera Studio and the Orchestra Academy for an initial one year. The artists will be supported and encouraged by sd&m during their training program. Get-acquainted meetings and workshops with sd&m staffers are planned as well as concerts with the young artists.

As successor to the “Young Ensemble”, the Opera Studio of the Bavarian State Opera was recently founded for the purpose of furthering and training talented singers. Up-and-coming vocalists are prepared for the operatic profession. The Orchestra Academy was born back in 2002 to pass on the centuries-old tradition of one of Germany’s oldest orchestras to prepare them for activity as members of an opera orchestra.

Our artists of tomorrow have been entrusted with the noble task of passing along our many-sided cultural heritage to coming generations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to sd&m AG for the generous support and look forward to an inspiring collaboration.
Claudia Sauter, Anaik Morel, Rolf Gelbhardt

O2 Germany and "Das Gehege" / "Salome"

In the 2006/2007 season as well, O2 will again be living up to its slogan O2 can do! at the Bavarian State Opera as well. The successful German cellphone provider has again decided to support a new production as exclusive main sponsor. The double bill Das Gehege (The Enclosure), a work commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera from Wolfgang Rihm, one of the most significant contemporary composers will join Salome by Richard Strauss to open the new opera season.

Kent Nagano – new General Music Director of the Bavarian State Opera – will be conducting this eagerly awaited performance. William Friedkin, well-known for his work as a motion picture director (e.g. “The Exorcist”), will be in charge of the staging.

Following Rigoletto, Das Gehege/Salome is now the second new production the young company will be exclusively supporting. As with the Dörrie production, the Friedkin staging will clothe an old subject in new garments and transfer it to the present day and language. With this contemporary approach, the Bavarian State Opera will be reflecting the spirit and philosophy of O2 in a wonderful and meaningful way.

Our thanks to O2 for generous and enduring cultural commitment!
Plakat 'Das Gehege' Design Fons Hickmann m23, Berlin

Audi and "La forza del destino"

Nothing is more enduring than change - this awareness and the related quest for new solutions and interpretations link the Bavarian Staatsoper with Audi, a corporation that has long been an established partner of the Bavarian State Opera.

Over the past years, Audi already served as one of the main sponsors of the Munich Opera Festival and also provided financial support for the new production of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Sir Peter Jonas: "I am proud that - after our joint Ring project - we were able to acquire Audi as main sponsor for the Festival première production of La forza del destino. When it comes to bringing the highest quality to the stage or the road, enthusiasm, innovative power and good partnerships are decisive prerequisites."

Our sincere thanks to Audi for its generous, long-standing dedication to the Bavarian State Opera.
La forza del destino

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Festspiel+ 2005

Roland Berger does not regard itself as a wealthy benefactor but rather as an interested partner. And because Festspiel+, which in 2005 bears the title "Ways-Out", year by year reveals great enthusiasm for experimentation with innovative concepts, far-out philosophies and calculated rule-breaking, it represents an ideal field of activity for a corporation that has to continue charting new courses in order to remain successful.

Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants: "We find it especially fascinating that Sir Peter Jonas and his colleagues are not satisfied with just giving their opera audiences performances at the highest artistic level. With impressive dedication and an enormous wealth of ideas they have transformed a traditional operation into a site of innovation. Their success justifies the impulse of the makers.

"The program of Festspiel+ is glowing proof of the Bavarian State Opera's courage in creating room for maverick philosophies and avant-garde experimentation beyond the classical canon. In a society ever more grounded on knowledge and ideas, the significance of avant-garde and innovation is steadily on the increase. Questions on the role of pioneers, the fertile ground for successful ideas and the necessity of conscious rule-breaking will be of decisive significance in the time to tome."

The Bavarian State Opera thanks Roland Berger Strategy Consultants for its long-standing cooperation and outstanding commitment.

The Ernst von Siemens Foundation and "Simplicius Simplicissimus"

On June 27, the Bavarian State Opera has opened the Munich Opera Festival with a guest performance of Karl Amadeus Hartmann's opera, Simplicius Simplicissimus, performed by the Stuttgart State Opera.

Founded in 1972 by Ernst von Siemens, the grandson of company founder Werner von Siemens, the foundation awards its annual Ernst von Siemens Music Prize to either a composer, performer or musicologist who has made an outstanding contribution to international musical life. Endowed at EUR 150,000, this "Nobel Prize for Music" has gained ever greater international significance from year to year. Beyond this, in 2005 the sum of EUR 1,350,000 will be awarded for the furtherance of young composers, ensembles, institutions and individual persons at home and abroad, who have made meaningful contributions especially in the field of contemporary music and accomplished important artistic groundwork. Needless to say, this also includes musicological achievements. The foundation committee includes such leading composers as Cristóbal Halffter, Aribert Reimann and Peter Ruzicka, conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch, musicologist Hermann Danuser, and cultural managers Thomas von Angyan and Nikos Tsouchlos.

Previous Ernst von Siemens Music Prize Winners - 31 in all - have included Benjamin Britten, Olivier Messiaen, Mstislav Rostropovich, Witold Lutoslawski, Luciano Berio, Claudio Abbado, Maurizio Pollini, Helmut Lachenmann, György Kurtág, Wolfgang Rihm and Alfred Brendel, to name but a few.

Also worthy of special mention is that this rediscovery of the work first given its 1948 world première in Munich has been made possible through the kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

The Bavarian State Opera thanks the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation for its generous cultural commitment.
Simplicius Simplicissimus: Claudia Mahnke

O2 Germany and "Rigoletto"

O2 can do! With this slogan and spirit Rudolf J. Gröger made O2 Germany's most successful mobile phone provider.

The Bavarian State Opera can count itself lucky that O2 Germany has decided to support the new Rigoletto production as exclusive main sponsor. This way, O2 reveals itself as a successful, expanding corporation that takes its responsibility for society very seriously. "This is how we express our conviction that culture is important for society. With our involvement in the threatened art form of opera we would like to give a sign. With its blend of 350-year-old tradition, consistently high artistic quality and creative, innovative productions, the Bavarian State Opera embodies the ideal partner for us," said the head of O2 in a recent interview.

Sir Peter also enthusiastically states: "With Mr. Gröger and O2 we have gained a congenial partner, who achieves the same objectives in the economic field as we do in the cultural area: quality, creativity and innovative ability. That very innovative ability is a credo of survival for both O2 and the Bavarian State Opera. Only somebody who creates something new and convincing will be able to join tomorrow's discussion."

The Bavarian State Opera points with pride to a partnership with a young company. The fact that O2 has shown an interest in opera shows that opera remains timely. Mr. Gröger is also looking eagerly forward to the event: "The Dörrie production will certainly be a new way to translate something old and well-established into our own time." O2 is also treading new paths, taking risks, to reach higher goals. This way, we come full circle."

We thank O2 for its magnificent commitment to the Bavarian State Opera.
Plakat  'Rigoletto' Pierre Mendell Design Studio

Siemens and "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg"

What would the Munich Opera Festival be without Richard Wagner's grand festive opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg? For years, Meistersinger at the site of its world première has formed the crowning conclusion of the Festival. This year, for the first time since 1979, the Munich Opera Festival will again open with a new Meistersinger production.

The Bavarian State Opera is proud and grateful to have acquired Siemens AG, the leading high-tech corporation of the 21st century, as its main patron for the 2004 Festival première. With this support, the company assumes a major social responsibility and contributes to the cultural attractiveness of the Munich site.

Heinrich von Pierer, former Chairman of the Siemens Board: "How does something new come into the world? Here at Siemens we have been concerned with this fascinating question since the company was founded 157 years ago. Innovations are the elixir of life in our company. And this is why new productions are every bit as indispensable for the permanent creative further development of an opera house."

For General Director Sir Peter Jonas, this partnership is "a major highlight in our effort to involve private industry in the activities of the Bavarian State Opera. After all, Siemens and the Bavarian State Opera have a great deal in common. Both stand for tradition and innovation, both assume top positions in Germany, and both set standards for the Munich site."
Plakat 'Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg'

Audi and "Der Ring des Nibelungen"

The partnership with Audi, the successful automotive manufacturer from Ingolstadt with the four rings in its emblem, shows how well partner and project fit together. As exclusive sponsor, Audi accompanies the four elaborate and prestige-destined parts of Der Ring des Nibelungen in 2002 to 2006 on their way to success.

As part of this cooperation, the first act of Die Walküre was presented in concert form at the Summer Concerts Between Danube and Altmühl in Ingolstadt: on the podium - Zubin Mehta and in the cast Waltraut Meier (Sieglinde), Peter Seiffert (Siegmund) and Kurt Rydl (Hunding).

According to the former Arts Minister Hans Zehetmair, the partnership with Audi represents an "important contribution in the area of private art patronage", and Staatsintendant Sir Peter Jonas is also enthusiastic about this exemplary cooperation, a milestone in cultural sponsoring at the Bavarian State Opera. With this commitment to the arts, Audi sets a further accent in the support of major projects  in the area of the musical theatre.

The Bavarian State Opera is most grateful to AUDI AG for its generous cultural commitment.
Plakatmotiv 'Das Rheingold'

BMW and "Opera für All"

The BMW Subsidiary in Munich has set culture-political standards with this contribution to the Munich Opera Festival. Opera for All has become a significant watchword of the Festival. Since 1997, the Bavarian State Opera transmits an important Festival performance live from the National Theatre to a large video screen on Max-Joseph-Platz.

Thanks to the sponsor, BMW Group and the BMW Subsidiary in Munich, who committed to a further five years of sponsorship, Opera for All events can be offered at no admission charge. Opera for All is a return gift to the people of Munich for their loyal support of the Bavarian State Opera throughout the year.

The Bavarian State Opera sincerely thanks the BMW Group and the BMW Subsidiary in Munich for their generous cultural commitment.
Freilichtbühne vor dem Nationaltheater

HypoVereinsbank and the Festival Night

Since 2002, the HypoVereinsbank's Festival Night has opened the Munich Opera Festival with a musical party for everyone, to which up to 20,000 people pour into the Five Courtyards. Stars of the Munich Opera Festival offer an unusual artistic program, which is unique in this form.

With this commitment, the HypoVereinsbank shows that it has the courage to take risks and has its eyes on the future. For all of this, the HypoVereinsbank does not wish to become involved in the controversy of approval or disapproval. The bank leaves the evaluation of the artistic projects entirely to the general public and the expert critics - their interest is devoted to the new paths we are walking here.

The HypoVereinsbank is an innovative enterprise, which seeks to gain better understanding of contemporary trends and changes from studying the realignment of the musical compass at the dawn of a new millennium.

The Bavarian State Opera thanks the HypoVereinsbank for the co-operation of many years.

UniCredit Festspiel-Nacht

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