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Donlon Dance Company

Based at the Saarlaendisches Staatstheater (State Theatre) in Saarbruecken, the Donlon Dance Company is a young, exciting, innovative company, which attracts dancers of the highest calibre. The fifteen dancers who will be part of the company in the next season come from all over the world –Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Portugal, England, Romania, France and the Philippines – to work with Marguerite Donlon, the dynamic Irishwoman who was appointed Ballet Director in 2001. At that time, the theatre was looking for a new, innovative choreographer and ballet director. Marguerite Donlon was the perfect candidate for this position. She possessed then, and is still driven by, a strong artistic concept, a new style, a clear vision and, more often than not, a fine sense of humour.
In the three years since Marguerite Donlon became its director, the Ballet Company of the Saarlaendische Staatstheater has achieved a lot. The company, under Ms Donlon, was selected as the German representative of contemporary dance for the Internationale Tanzmesse Duesseldorf in 2002. They have also been invited to festivals in Loerrach, Oldenburg, Berlin, Santa Barbara (USA), Seoul (Korea), Bruxelles (Belgium) and Luxembourg. Ms Donlon has created six world-premieres with and for the company in Saarbruecken since 2001, as well as a collection of installations and a number of site-specific projects in Germany and the USA.In autumn 2003, the company filmed a contemporary version of the classic tale of Carmen, but with a twist. This piece was created in 2003 for Ballet Saarbruecken and was selected by Canal “ARTE”, the only European arts channel.Marguerite Donlon’s main productions of last season were “SommernachtsTraum” – a big stage and orchestra production - inspired by William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” premiered in January 2004. And “Beauty 3.0” which is the result of an on-going collaboration with Martino Mueller – an evening of three pieces, one in which features a solo from Mueller danced by Donlon herself.A second film for “ARTE” has been produced based on one of the most successful Donlon pieces, "Taboo or not". The dancers transport the piece into an unusual and challenging environment- the UNESCO World Heritage Voelklinger Huette, an impressive historical steel factory and monument of industrial culture in Germany. It was broadcasted on 1st May 2005 on ARTE and will be shown as part of “BALLETT SURPRISE” in the Saarländisches Staatstheater in September/October 2005One of Donlon’s recent productions, “Blind Date” (2004), leads us into a wacky world of astonishing encounters and bizarre situations, supported by live percussion and video. The second part of the evening was created by Christian Spuck. His first creation in SaarbrŸcken “Shifting Portraits” was inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s women portraits.One of Marguerite Donlon’s aims is to promote European exchange in dancing and bring other high standard choreographers to Saarbruecken, ranging in style from the wild queen of pop Constanza Macras to world renowned choreographer Jirí Kylián. The company is also working on several projects to be shown not just within the theatre but also on different locations in collaboration with a variety of cultural institutions in the region and beyond. Local artists from the Saarland have been invited to work with the company.
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