Pavillon 21
MINI Opera Space

With the opening of the “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space” at the 2010 Munich Opera Festival, the Bavarian State Opera will inaugurate a new temporary performance venue on Marstallplatz. The architects at COOP HIMMELB(L)AU have designed a mobile and flexible playing area for this venture. International artists have been invited to use a variety of expressive means to test and reflect on unfamiliar music theatre forms.

An idea that was born last year and cast its shadow toward the future under the title “under construction” will now present itself in its final palpable form at the 2010 Munich Opera Festival.

With the “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space”, the Bavarian State Opera in collaboration with the Austrian architectural firm of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU and MINI have created a mobile venue for the area between Olafur Eliasson’s façade of the Bavarian State Opera rehearsal building, the historical Marstall and the Max Planck Society. The designs by Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU have left a definitive imprint on the image and lifestyle of any number of cities. In the combination of architecture with theatre, the “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space” will open up further dimensions in our relationship to spaces, drawing its radiant power from this relationship for both cultural and urban life.

The opening of this new performance venue is a première for the Bavarian State Opera. The considerations on which the construction of a space like this for musical theatre are based, however, have a long history in Munich. For his tetralogy, Der Ring des Nibelungen, Wagner contemplated a space for performances “free of the confines of the repertoire routine in our existing theatres.” He likewise thought of a place with conditions that would not stipulate the parameters of a performance.

The “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space” places no limits on artistic forms. Its openness and flexibility provide the necessary room for the imagination and the joy of experimentation and invite the visitor to tread new paths of perception and artistic reflection.

This way the “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space” mirrors the whole substance of the theatrical art. Like a performance that leaves its traces behind, yet irrevocably ends with the fall of the curtain, this space is also only a temporary guest on Marstallplatz. This concentration of artistic encounters brings about a special excitement seducing the audience to rediscover musical theatre.

International artists from the fields of performance art, the visual arts and literature as well as composers, VJ’s, stage directors and musicians have been invited to cross borderlines into other art forms and enliven the area with unusual, surprising performance forms.

This challenge was also accepted by Christoph Schlingensief, who will open the new performance venue with a production especially conceived for this area. Further features on the program will make the “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space” the target point for processions through the city, which will be newly created by a curator for each event, or serve as a stage for the visions and dreams of young people, who will join together in a MusicTheatre project to transform their stories into musical and theatrical form.

Further information on the program will be released in a special publication to be released in the spring of 2010.

The realization of a project like this would be unthinkable without idealistic and financial support. The Bavarian State Opera is especially happy that MINI will be joining us in such a partnership. Beyond this, the “Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space” is further backed by the co-sponsors EADS Defence and Security and the Unicredit Group as well as board member Nachmann, Attorneys at Law.

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