Premiere "Goldberg-Variations / Gods and Dogs" on April 22, 2012

Jerome Robbins' body of work counts well over sixty ballets, including gems that are performed by large ballet ensembles throughout the world such as The Cage (1951), Afternoon of a Faun (1953), The Concert (1956) and Dances at a Gathering (1969). Goldberg Variations (1971) has been a piece reserved exclusively to the New York City Ballet for over forty years and is scheduled to make its debut, danced by the Bavarian State Ballet, at the opening night of the Ballet Festival Week 2012.
Bach structured his composition in thirty variations on the theme of the "Aria" and the "Da Capo al fine". Robbins references this scheme in his choreography: his work starts with a pas de deux, followed by accumulating pas de trois’, ensemble parts, soli and pas de deux until finally "a flock of dancers pour out onto the stage". The piece concludes exactly how it started: in a singular pas de deux. Robbins' distinct choreographic signature is a seamless blend of classical vocabulary enriched with jazzy, Broadway influences. His intuitive sense for choreographic structure and direct 'translation' of Bach's musical cosmos into dance creates a completed masterpiece of transcendental quality.

In 2008, Jiří Kylián created a mysterious, almost mystical ballet for four couples at the Netherlands Dance Theater together with a similar team of composers, stage and projection design as for Munich's Migratory Birds. In Gods and Dogs, a mysterious dual character appears that is based on an ancient myth: god created a dog in order to keep Adam company on his walks. The loyal animal by his side should serve Adam as a constant reminder of his eternal love for god. A similarly mysterious dog-like god appears in the world of the pharaohs. Perhaps, it is no coincidence that 'dog' is a palindrome of 'god'. The choreographer may or may not reference these stories in particular, but a ghostlike dog-wolf reappears throughout the piece on the projection screen.
The piece offers another insight into the current mindset of the Czech choreographer, who says of himself: "I am interested in the borderline between the normal and insanity, between health and illness and in the norms that define these opposites."

The Goldberg-Variations request a cast of more than thirty dancers. Led by Principals Lucia Lacarra, Roberta Fernandes, Tigran Mikayelyan and Lukáš Slavický. On the piano will be Elena Mednik.
Together, Wlademir Faccioni, Emma Barrowman, Matej Urban, Roberta Fernandes, Karen Azatyan, Monika Hejduková, Lukáš Slavický and Zuzana Zahradníková will begin their hunt for the mystical dual character in Gods and Dogs.

Jerome Robbins / Jiří Kylián
Goldberg-Variations / Gods and Dogs
Sun 04/22/12, 7.30 pm
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