Facilities for Disabled Persons

On this page we've tried to compile the most important facts to ease your attendance at our opera and concert performance.

We'll be happy to provide any further information.
T +49.(0)89. 21 85 01

The following reduced prices apply to disabled persons' ID's marked "EB", "BI" or "B".

Wheelchair Users

Parking Place
Maximilianstraße: in front of the side entrance of the opera (evening box
office) Max-Joseph-Platz: in front of the Residence

Side entrance of the opera, then right through Käfer's restaurant.

Evening Box Office
Because of the steps, it is only possible for the individual accompanying you to pick up reserved tickets.

Daily Box Office
The daytime box office is located in the new rehearsal building on Marstallplatz 5 and is easily accessible. You can purchase your opera tickets there time or pick up reserved tickets (with the order number) right there. The box office is open from Monday through Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Ticket Purchases
The wheelchair places are located on both ends of the parquet row 19 (Nos. 763, 762) and row 20 (Nos. 791 and 792). The seats for your companion are available at a 100% discount.  Wheelchair users are admitted to the theatre at no charge.
Two of the four places are reserved for written reservation and are available up to three months in advance. Two places are reserved for telephone reservation, available as of 9 weeks in advance.

Rest Rooms
Rest rooms for disabled persons are located on the 1st balcony level.

Vision-Impaired Individuals
Vision-impaired individuals (Vermerk BI im Behindertenausweis) and their companions receive a 50% discount off the regular ticket price.
Seeing-eye dogs are unfortunately not allowed in the National Theatre.

Hearing-Impaired Individuals
The National Theatre is equipped with an induction unit.  You can make use of this by setting your hearing aid to “T” (Telephone).
Hearing-impaired individuals pay the full price.

War Wounded
Persons injured in war or concentration camps receive a discount of 50% off the regular ticket price.  There is no discount for their companion.