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ATTACCA - das Jugendorchester des Bayerischen Staatsorchesters

In February of 2007, the Musical Academy of the Bayerisches Staatsorchester and the Bayerische Staatsoper founded the youth orchestra ATTACA under the patronage of GMD Kent Nagano in cooperation with the State Ministry of Education and Culture.

ATTACCA does not regard itself as a competitor to existing youth orchestras. All committed young people from the age of 12, who enjoy performing and have had several years of instructions on their instruments are invited to take part, especially if, beyond the joy they derive from orchestral music and opera, they would like to pursue it as a hobby. The members of the State Orchestra watch over their work and look after each section, which means that the entire rehearsal and performance process of ATTACCA is fully integrated into the infrastructure of the Bayerisches Staatsorchester. Regular appearances, preferably in the Nationaltheater in Munich, will document this.

The rehearsals in the form of project work over a period of several months take place on Saturday afternoons in the Nationaltheater.