If you don’t know what, when, how and where – or perhaps also why – then our FAQ’s will help you find the answers.

What is the difference between the “Bavarian State Opera” and the “National Theatre”?

The name “Bavarian State Opera” describes the company, the ensemble, the people who appear on stage at the various performance sites.  Apart from the National Theatre, the Bavarian State Opera also performs in the Prinzregententheater, the Cuvilliès Theatre and does guest performance tours in Japan.  The “National Theatre” thus describes the performance venue, the building on Max-Joseph-Platz.

Evening Box Office

When does the evening box office open?
The evening box office opens one hour before curtain time.

Where is the evening box office?
The evening box office is located at Max-Joseph-Platz 2.


What is the telephone number of the subscription office?
Tel: (+49/89) 21 85 19 30
Fax. (+49/89) 21 85 19 03

Where can I renew my subscription?
Subscriptions are automatically renewed for the respective next season unless they are canceled in writing by April 15 of the previous season.


Where is the State Ballet?  Where can I find the administration and office of the Ballet?
The Bavarian State Ballet is headquartered at Platzl 7.

Cast List

You can obtain the current cast list from the telephone announcement service under (+49/89) 21 85 19 18, or you can access the current cast list on the Bavarian State Opera’s home page. The cast list is also displayed at the respective performance site, both at the National Theatre and on the “Heute” (“Today”) poster on Maximilianstrasse.

How can I find out about cast replacements?
Names of cast replacements can be accessed here on the Internet.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter “Cast Changes” – free of charge, of course.


When will I find out if my Festival ticket order can be filled?
Mail orders for Festival tickets are processed as of February 1.  As there are a great number of orders, it may take up to eight weeks to process them.  In any event you should have a reply from us by April.

Lost and Found

Where is the lost and found office, and when is it open?
The stage doorman (Maximilianstrasse, stage entrance) collects lost and found items and holds them in safekeeping.  Lost items can be claimed there.

Guided Tours

When and where do guided tours of the opera take place?  How much does a tour cost?
Guided tours of the National Theatre (lobbies, auditorium, stage) take place almost every day at 2:00 P.M.  They last around 60 minutes, and tickets cost EUR 6.00.  They can be obtained at the opera shop and at the daily box office.  Information and reservations for group tours can be acquired by calling (+49/89) 25 54 08 05.


Is it possible to reserve a table at Käfer’s restaurant for the intermission?
The restaurant on the ground floor opens one hour before each evening performance and accepts reservations under the telephone numbers (+49/89) 416 88 10 or also until 6:00 P.M. under (+49/89) 29 16 06 88.

Where are the intermission lounges in the National Theatre?
Apart from the restaurant on the ground floor, you will find bars and buffets on the parquet, 1st balcony and 3rd balcony levels.


Will you also send vouchers to recipients? When and where are they obtainable?

Yes. You'd like to leave the selection of the performance to the recipient? In this case, the perfect choice is a voucher. While you were previously tied to specific amounts, now you can purchase a flexible Opera Voucher: you determine the face value to be issued.

These vouchers are valid for one year and cannot be redeemed for cash. Please send mail orders to: Bayerische Staatsoper, Tageskasse, Postfach 10 14 04, D-80088 München, Germany. Kindly include the full amount of the vouchers you would like to purchase and indicate how you would like to pay (credit card, bank withdrawal, check).

Main Entrance

Where is the main entrance of the National Theatre?
The main entrance of the opera house is at Max-Joseph-Platz 2.


How is the staging of…?
You can get a first impression of each staging on our Internet pages: there you will find press reviews and pictures of the production.  You also have an opportunity to read opinions expressed by people who attended the performance of the production in question.  If you still have trouble finding it, the users of our blackboard can surely help.

Annual Preview

When is the annual preview published?
The annual preview for the following season is published in mid-April of the previous season.


Where can I pick up pre-ordered, pre-paid tickets if I arrive late?
As a rule, the evening box office remains open until 10 minutes after curtain time.  After that, tickets can be picked up from the admission service ushers.

Is there a waiting list for sold-out performances?
No, we don’t maintain a waiting list.  You can, however, check out the current ticket status in the Internet, where all available tickets are listed.

Can I exchange tickets?
Pre-paid tickets can fundamentally not be returned. Simply put tickets you cannot use yourself in our ticket exchange.

How does the seat and standing room numbering work?  Are seats 102 and 104 side-by-side?
All seats (parquet, balcony, gallery) on the stage left side of the auditorium have odd numbers, with even numbers on the stage right seats.  That means seats 102 and 104 are side-by-side.  This way, your seat number will help you get your bearings.

Ticket Status

Will the ticket status again be clearly displayed, as it used to be, on a sheet of paper?
The current ticket status is again being displayed on a sheet of paper at the ticket windows at the daily box office.

What is the telephone number of the ticket status announcement service?
You can call the announcement tape with the latest ticket status information at (+49/89) 21 85 19 19.

Advance Ticket Sales

How far in advance can I buy tickets?
 It is possible to order tickets in writing for any performance – these orders will be processed as of three months prior to the performance date.  You will receive a reservation confirmation in writing.  Orders with credit card number (including validity date), blank checks or bank withdrawal forms can be more quickly processed.  A supplemental charge of EUR 1.50 will be added to the price of each ticket ordered in writing.
Telephone ticket sales (Tel.: (+49/89) 21 85 19 20), on-line Internet ticket sales and sales at the daily box office begin two months before the respective performance.  Should the performance be on a Sunday or holiday, box office sales will begin one weekday before that.  A supplemental charge of EUR 1.50 will be added to the price of each ticket reserved by telephone or on the Internet.
Should you decide to go to the opera at the last minute, you always have a chance to buy any still available tickets at the evening box office. The evening box office opens one hour before curtain time.

When do advance ticket sales for next season begin?
Advance ticket sales for next season begin, just like normal ticket sales, for written orders three months and for telephone orders or box office purchases two months before the respective performance date.

At how many different places can I buy tickets for the Bavarian State Opera?
At the daily box office of the Bavarian State Opera (Marstallplatz 5) at the daily box office of the Bavarian State Drama Theatre (Max-Joseph-Platz 1), at the daily box office of the Prinzregententheater (Prinzregentenplatz 12), and at Central advance ticket sales (Marienplatz underground level and Stachus sub-underground level).

Are no tickets whatsoever sold for closed performances?
There is also a possibility of picking up residual tickets for closed performances at the evening box office.

Can tickets be ordered by e-mail?
E-mail orders are treated just like mail orders. You receive a confirmation or cancellation after the processing of the written orders has begun.

Can I select my own seat in the Internet?
You can choose your own seat on the Internet. Just click on “your order” and pay with credit card or bank withdrawal. If you already have a customer number, then you save yourself the trouble of having to type in your address.

Can I pay with an EC or credit card?
Yes. All major credit cards, EC cards and checks are accepted in payment.

New Control Number Process for On-Line Credit Card Ticket Booking

Previously we simply required your credit card number and the expiry date of your card for credit card payment (on-line mask as of one month before the performance.)

The leading credit card providers, such as MasterCard, American Express and VISA, have now agreed on an additional requirement for credit card payment, which makes payment on the Internet even more secure.

Entering the credit card control number raises the security standard for your order.

The credit card control number is a 3 to 4-digit number printed (not embossed) on your card. Unlike your name, validity period and card number, it cannot be found on the usual payment receipts. This additional information makes sure that no fraudulent credit card data, taken, for example, from a discarded receipt, are illegally used.

This is why the control number will not be stored in the memory of our system, but will have to be entered for every order.

Where will I find the control number on my credit card?

MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club: the last three digits of the number in the signature space on the reverse side of the card.

American Express: the four-digit number on the upper right above the embossed card number on the front of the card.

During on-line purchases the instructions will also indicate this additional safety feature.

Monthly Performance Schedule

When are the monthly performance schedules published? How can I get one?
The monthly performance schedules are released well in advance of the start of sales.  The monthly performance schedules are available for the taking at the daily box office and the National Theatre, and we will be happy to send you one by mail. Just call (+49/89) 21 85 10 25.

MVV (Public transport)

Can we travel to and from the theatre on the MVV?
On the day of the performance, holders of regular tickets (except the monthly ticket) are entitled to use public transport provided by the Münchner Verkehrsverbund (MVV). This service starts at 3 pm respectively three hours before the performance commences and ends with the closing hour of the MVV.


Can I park at the National Theatre?
Parking spaces around the National Theatre are severely limited. The parking garage at the opera offers persons attending the opera a special opera price of € 10.00 valid from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M. The parking garage is open from 6:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M.


When are the programs for the various productions released?
Two to three days before the première.


Where can I find posters and yearbooks?
Posters and yearbooks can be purchased at the opera shop in the National Theatre.

Disabled Persons

Are there reduced prices for disabled persons?
Yes.  You can get detailed information here.

Seating Plan

How does the seating plan with the letters work?  What about the prices?
You can find out the price for a specific seat by the rating of the individual performance (letter, e.g. H) and the seat category (e.g. I for the best category or VIII for standing room, score-reading and listening seats).  If a performance is rated H, and you book a seat in Category II, your ticket will cost you EUR 74,-.


What reduction do students receive?
There are different ways for students to acquire reduced-price tickets: in advance sale, standing room, listening and score-reading seats cost 50% of the normal price, residual tickets at the evening box office will be sold around 10 minutes before curtain time for EUR 10,-.  For events in conjunction with the Young Audience Program this reduction also applies to advance sales. Don’t forget: always bring your student ID with you – you may not purchase tickets for third parties.

"Young audience" card
The "Young audience" card costs EUR 20,- per season and enables school children, students and young people doing military or community services to buy tickets for "Young Audience" performances for EUR 8,-. 

Daily Box Office

When is the daily box office open?
The daily box office is open from Monday through Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
Theatre vacation:
The Bavarian State Opera's daytime box office will be closed from August 1 through August 25. The daytime box office on Marstallplatz then reopens on September 1. The Call Center will be at your service again from August 16 ([49/89] 2185-1920).

Do I have to line up for reserved and pre-paid tickets?
As generally quite a few tickets have been reserved, you will also have to get on line to pick them up. However, you can avoid the queue by printing the tickets yourself at the ticket pillar (see below).

Ticket Pillar
Customers who order tickets on-line or by telephone can now print them out on the ticket pillar in the box office hall on Marstallplatz.

To print out your tickets, you’ll need:
1.The Order Number and
2.The Order Code.
You’ll find both numbers on the confirmation for the on-line booking, or else they can be communicated to the customer placing a telephone order.

Follow these instructions on the ticket pillar display:
1.“Please enter the Order Number”
Use the keyboard on the ticket pillar to enter the 7-digit Order Number and then press the “confirmation” key.
2.“Please enter the Order Code”
Use the keyboard on the ticket pillar to enter the 6-digit Order Code and then press the “confirmation” key.
After that the tickets will be printed out.

Please bear in mind that tickets purchased by direct debit cannot be printed out until one day after the purchase.

Tickets can only be picked up from the ticket pillar during business hours at the daytime box office from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.


Are there public toilets in the opera house during the day?
No, there aren’t.

Beginning and End of Performances

When do the various performances begin, and when are they over?  When are the intermissions?
You can check the beginning and end of the various performances as well as the intermissions here in the Internet. They are also published in the monthly performance schedule.