"Paint the town red…"

The Bavarian State Opera will open the 2012 Munich Opera Festival on the weekend of 23-24 June with, among other things, an installation by the renowned artist Spencer Tunick. Register now!

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The American artist Spencer Tunick, acclaimed for his installations comprising hundreds of naked bodies in public spaces, will be using body paint for the first time in an urban environment for his latest installation, "The Ring". The participants in the installation, which was inspired by Andreas Kriegenburg's new production of the tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen, will position themselves in front of Tunick's camera in either red or gold and create motifs from Wagner's world drama with their bodies. Participants can register until 22 June at www.staatsoper.de/tunick and will receive a limited edition photograph.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in art who is too shy to pose completely naked. I am convinced that the body paint will help many participants to be less embarrassed – after all, they will still be covered in a way", says the New York artist.

"The Ring" will be taking place in several locations in Munich city centre (including Max-Joseph-Platz), offering hundreds of participants the opportunity to become part of an art work. The artist will be using specially formulated cosmetic body make-up, that is safe and easily removed with soap and water when the participants return home, although Tunick assumes most will want to leave it on.

Tunick is particularly fascinated by Munich as a setting: "I'm very interested in the history of the city, the close links with Richard Wagner's work, but also the dark chapters of the city's history and the building structures from the Nazi era. All this will certainly be a theme in my installation."

Tunick's commissioned work for the Bavarian State Opera was inspired by Richard Wagner's magnum opus Der Ring des Nibelungen and the new production by director Andreas Kriegenburg, which culminates in the première of Götterdämmerung on 30 June. In both Kriegenburg's interpretation and Tunick's works, the focus is on powerful, poetic images of human bodies.

Anyone who is interested and prepared to pose naked for Tunick in a public space is invited to register: www.staatsoper.de/Tunick (by 22 June, 10 p.m. at the latest).

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