L'Orfeo: Christian Gerhaher L'Orfeo: Christian Gerhaher, Ensemble und Zürcher Singakademie L'Orfeo: Christian Gerhaher, Angela Brower
Claudio Monteverdi
Libretto by Alessandro Striggio

Favola in musica
Despite some precursors, the first performance of Monteverdi's L’Orfeo in Mantua in 1607 marked the start of the success story of opera. And – the history of opera starts with the rebellion of an artist who cannot accept the death of his wife. The singer Orfeo attempts and achieves the impossible: the gods allow him to take his wife Euridice back to the land of the living, thanks to his beguiling song, which appeals to every sense. Yet he fails, he fails as a human being. But the possibility and the hope remain that the singer can break down every boundary with his art, time and again – and today?

In Italian language with German surtitles

New production

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Live transmission from Munich's Nationaltheater on BR-Klassik.


Munich Opera Festival 2014
Première on Sunday, 20 July 2014
7.00 p.m. - app. 8.50 p.m.
Playing time: 1 hour 50 minutes (no intermission)
Prices PAA
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Musikalische Leitung Ivor Bolton
Inszenierung David Bösch
Bühne Patrick Bannwart
Kostüme und Video Falko Herold
Licht Michael Bauer
Dramaturgie Daniel Menne
Rainer Karlitschek
Chor Tim Brown

Orfeo Christian Gerhaher
Euridice Anna Virovlansky
Messagiera / Proserpina Anna Bonitatibus
Caronte Andrea Mastroni
Speranza / La Musica Angela Brower
Plutone Andrew Harris
Apollo Mauro Peter
Pastore I / Spirito I Mathias Vidal
Pastore II / Spirito III / Echo Jeroen de Vaal
Pastore III Gabriel Jublin
Pastore IV / Spirito II Thomas Faulkner
Ninfa Lucy Knight

Monteverdi-Continuo-Ensemble and members of Bayerisches Staatsorchester

Zürcher Singakademie