Limb's Theorem

Limb's Theorem von William Forsythe Limb's Theorem: Séverine Ferrolier Limb's Theorem
Ballet by William Forsythe
Music by Thom Willems

Limb’s Theorem was, after Artifact II and the second detail, the third masterpiece by William Forsythe which the Bavarian State Ballet was given by this most radical of modern ballet choreographers. It is, with a sound installation by Thom Willems, a full-length ballet in three parts which requires 38 dancers. The Munich ensemble had to tackle a lot of aspects which were unfamiliar when rehearsing this work. Four ballet masters from Frankfurt prepared the individual parts all of which are improvisation based – not such a usual way of working for a company like the Bavarian State Ballet! There were workshops to help the dancers familiarize themselves with this technique before the main rehearsals began. Forsythe then himself worked with the ensemble for the final two weeks. The result was one of the most stunning productions ever performed by the company which eceived unanimously enthusiastic press reviews and almost delirious response by the public.


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