Salome / Das Gehege

Richard Strauss: Salome. Angela Denoke Wolfgang Rihm: Das Gehege. Gabriele Schnaut Richard Strauss: Salome. Wolfgang Schmidt, Angela Denoke
Wolfgang Rihm /
Richard Strauss

Yearning, power, love drive the woman into an enclosure. There she conducts dialogues with an eagle. She liberates the bird so she can kill it. Absurd, paradoxical? Killing the thing we love? No doubt: with these questions, the woman in the enclosure is a sister in spirit to the Salome of a hundred years before. Das Gehege, a gigantic, monomaniacal piece. Written for singing actress Gabriele Schnaut by Wolfgang Rihm, one of the most successful contemporary composers, and based on a play by Botho Strauss. Opera is that thrilling, art that shattering! On the podium: Kent Nagano, staged by the director of The Exorcist, William Friedkin. Witness a world première!

Whatever Salome wants Salome gets! So far. Having grown up at the court of her degenerate mother Herodias and her asocial stepfather Herodes, it’s perfectly understandable, with this family background, that Salome absolutely refuses to accept the fact that there might be something she can’t have: the kiss of the prophet John the Baptist, Jochanaan! Salome’s beauty and seductiveness leave him completely cold, but Salome finally gets her way. With a strip tease she coerces her stepfather to have Jochanaan beheaded so that she can finally kiss his mouth. But she pays for this kiss with her life. But “what’s the difference”? She finally got her kiss! Perverse? Insane? Or was this woman just unrelenting and thus understandable?

Sung in German with German surtitles

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