Götterdämmerung: Anna Gabler (Gutrune), Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde) Götterdämmerung: Nina Stemme (Brünnhilde), Stephen Gould (Siegfried), Anna Gabler (Gutrune), Chor un Götterdämmerung: Stephen Gould (Siegfried), Chor und Statisterie
Richard Wagner
Libretto by Richard Wagner

Third Day of "Der Ring des Nibelungen"
Wagner had begun work on his cycle with the prose sketch Siegfrieds Tod (Siegfried’s Death), then rolled it back into the past, like the Norns, who, at the beginning of the Third Day, try to tie together the ropes of yesterday and tomorrow.

Hagen and Siegfried – the sons continue the duel of their fathers. But Hagen plays with different weapons – sorcery, mendacity and betrayal. Siegfried declares the ring, which came about through the malediction of love, to the symbol of his love. Nevertheless, the curse is stronger. Siegfried betrays his love. Brünnhilde betrays Siegfried. Siegfried swears an oath on the weapon that only a short time later will penetrate his heart.

The gods gaze impotently on their own downfall. The struggle for power transfers to the humans who survive the catastrophe and will perhaps understand everything now that they know the end. 

German with German surtitles

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Munich Opera Festival 2012
Sunday, 15 July 2012
5.00 p.m. - app. 11.00 p.m.
Playing time: 6 hours (2 intermissions)
4.00 p.m. : Introductory event
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Ring Cycle B
s-o-l-d o-u-t

Musikalische Leitung Kent Nagano
Inszenierung Andreas Kriegenburg
Bühne Harald B. Thor
Kostüme Andrea Schraad
Licht Stefan Bolliger
Choreographie Zenta Haerter
Dramaturgie Olaf A. Schmitt.
Marion Tiedtke
Chöre Sören Eckhoff

Siegfried Stephen Gould
Gunther Iain Paterson
Hagen Eric Halfvarson
Alberich Wolfgang Koch
Brünnhilde Nina Stemme
Gutrune Anna Gabler
Waltraute Michaela Schuster
Woglinde Eri Nakamura
Wellgunde Angela Brower
Floßhilde Okka von der Damerau
1. Norn Jill Grove
2. Norn Jamie Barton
3. Norn Irmgard Vilsmaier

The Bavarian State Orchestra
The Chorus of the Bavarian State Opera