Série Noire – A Choreographic Murder Mystery

Terence Kohler: Série Noire.© Charles Tandy Terence Kohler: Série Noire. Lucia Lacarra, Cyril Pierre
Terence Kohler
Music by Philip Glass

"Série Noire - A Choreographic Murder Mystery" is a ballet created by the young choreographer Terence Kohler for the Munich Company. Inspired by classical criminal novels and espionage thrillers Terence Kohler uses classical choreography full of tension to express a criminal story.

At its centre there is a fictitious ballet that was performed only twice within 150 years. At each premiere the prima ballerina met her death in a tragic, mysterious way. And the revival of the piece at the beginning of the twenty-first century seems doom laden. During rehearsals the unsuspecting com-pany experiences a series of strange events which, at the two previous pre-mieres, each time had caused the mysterious death of the ballerina.

In danced flashbacks the audience learns more about the backgrounds of the fatal events. The search for traces leads back to the time and places of the first two performances - to Paris of the twentieth century and even farther back to St. Petersburg of the nineteenth century.

Terence Kohler entered the Academy of Dance in Mannheim at the age of 18 in 2002. Birgit Keil furthered his dancing and choreographic talents, not least through a grant from her dance foundation. He then produced ballets like “just before falling”, “Intermezzo for 20”, “Elevation” and “Writing the Light – the Love Dance”.

At the beginning of the 2004/2005 season Terence Kohler was engaged as dancer and choreographer at the Baden State Theatre. Over the following years, he received a number of awards, and ranks as one of the great choreographic talents in Germany.

At the end of the 2007 / 2008 season, Kohler separated from the Karlsruhe ensemble and ventured to launch a career as a free-lance choreographer with the world première of his ballet “Once Upon an Ever After” for the Bavarian State Ballet. Ivan Liška has now appointed him choreographer in residence, which, on the one hand, gives him great freedom for other activities, while offering him an opportunity to work ongoingly with the Munich ensemble.. “Série Noire” with music by Philip Glass was developed in numerous rehearsal phases over the course of an entire year with the Munich dancers.

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