Die Bassariden

Hans Werner Henze: Die Bassariden. Michael Volle, Gabriele Schnaut, Eir Inderhaug Hans Werner Henze: Die Bassariden Hans Werner Henze: Die Bassariden. Nikolai Schukoff
Hans Werner Henze
Wystan Hugh Auden, Chester Kallman nach Euripides

What triumphs over us humans: libidinous intoxication or disciplined reason? Who wins over the people: Dionysos, god of collective inebriation and lord of the Bassarids or Pentheus, King of Thebes, a man of ice-cold rationality? Euripides exemplarily formulated these questions as the fundamental conflicts facing humanity 2,500 years ago in the “Bacchæ” – and it has remained totally up-to-date right to the present day. Hans Werner Henze’s Die Bassariden derives from this material. One of the most significant and monumental operatic works of the 20th century. Die Bassariden: one of the absolute classics of the contemporary modern repertoire. (World première: 1966) with gigantic orchestral forces and the heaviest demands placed on the chorus and soloists. Now, finally available for rediscovery in Munich.

In German with German surtitles

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