Eugene Onegin

Eugen Onegin: Artur Rucinski Eugen Onegin: Kristine Opolais Eugen Onegin: Artur Rucinski, Ekaterina Sergeeva, Edgaras Montvidas
Peter I. Tschaikowsky
Peter I. Tchaikovsky and Konstantin Shilovsky after Alexander Pushkin's verse novel

The story of a cosmopolitan, educated, yet excessively arrogant outsider. He antagonizes the women who love and desire him, just as he does his friend, whom he ultimately kills in a duel. Is it Onegin’s longing to see himself always reflected in others? Is it his inability to adjust socially? The answer for him and the people with whom he comes into contact is bitter. Its name: solitude. Tchaikovsky’s “Lyrical Scenes” subtitled Eugene Onegin ranks among the greatest, most beautiful and most frequently performed Russian operas.

In Russian with German surtitles


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