Die Tragödie des Teufels (The Tragedy of the Devil)

Peter Eötvös: Die Tragödie des Teufels. Cora Burggraaf, Topi Lehtipuu, Ursula Hesse von den Steinen Peter Eötvös: Die Tragödie des Teufels. Elena Tsallagova, Heike Grötzinger, Annamária Kovács, Statis Peter Eötvös: Die Tragödie des Teufels. Georg Nigl
Peter Eötvös (Musik), Albert Ostermaier (Text)

Lucifer guides Adam and Eve through a world full of conflicts, misunderstandings and uncertainties – a world between game-playing, virtuality and science fiction. Although he seems to have everything under control, at the end Lucifer’s very existence hangs in the balance: the evil one evaporates from his form and diffuses. Thus the tragedy of the devil also becomes the tragedy of Man, who can no longer attribute evil, finding it then in his own person.

Albert Ostermaier’s libretto transports the “Hungarian Faust”, Imre Madách’s national drama The Tragedy of Man into the 21st century. The text by this significant German dramatist was set to music by Peter Eötvös. The Hungarian composer-conductor ranks among the most important musicians of our time. His stage works, such as Three Sisters, Angels in America and, most recently, Love and Other Demons are successfully performed world-wide.

In German with German surtitles

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