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Limb's Theorem von William Forsythe Limb's Theorem: Séverine Ferrolier Limb's Theorem
Limb's Theorem
Ballet by William Forsythe
Music by Thom Willems


The Bavarian State Ballet‘s first première of the season 2004/05 highlights an aspect of the work of that most radical of modern ballet choreographers: – William Forsythe. In the course of the last seasons the Bavarian State Ballet has been able to secure the rights to perform two of Forsythe’s great productions; the second detail and Artifact II. Forsythe has now allowed the Bavarian State Ballet to dance these ballets on tours abroad. It seems, sadly, as if the Frankfurt Ballet will no longer continue in its present form. It is, therefore, all the more important for us, here in Munich, to present Forsythe’s work. We were one of the first  companies in this situation, together with the Paris Opera, to offer Forsythe a
platform for his work in the future and we are, justifiably, proud to present
the première of one of his most important pieces: Limb’s Theorem, on 7th
December 2004.

Limb’s Theorem, with a sound installation by Thom Willems, is a full-length ballet in three parts which requires 38 dancers. It dates from the period of Forsythe’s study of architectural principles notably those of Daniel Libeskind. Our ensemble will have to tackle much that is unfamiliar when rehearsing this work. Four ballet masters will prepare the individual parts all of which are improvisation based – not such a familiar way of working for us! There will be workshops to help the dancers familiarize themselves with this technique before the main rehearsals begin.  Forsythe will then himself work with the ensemble for the final two weeks.

Limb’sTheorem is one of the most successful works from the Frankfurt ballet repertoire and has been performed all over the world. It is a virtuoso piece for us and participatory piece for the audience. This work is the one with which the Frankfurt Ballet stunned its Munich audience in 1994 when it was performed for the first time in the National Theatre.

Ivan Liska
Ballet Director
March 2004