Don Quijote - Synopsis

Don Quijote. Cyril Pierre, Ilia Sarkisov, Ensemble. © Wilfried Hösl Don Quijote. Ensemble. © Wilfried Hösl Don Quijote. Ensemble. © Wilfried Hösl

Don Quijote

Ray Barra, Marius Petipa

Music by Ludwig Minkus


Prologue – Library

Don Quijote is sitting in his library, dreaming, while Sancho Pansa, his servant, takes care about the practical aspects of life. In a vision, Dulcinea appears to Don Quijote. He decides to dedicate his life to her.

Scene one - The market place of EI Toboso

In search of adventures to be overcome by a knight, Don Quijote and Sancho Panza reach El Toboso. The market place is full with lively activity. Here, they learn about Kitri's unhappy love to Basilio. They are not allowed to marry, because her father has already chosen the old rich Camacho as her fiancé. The crowd sympathizes with Kitri and Basilio. Don Quijote feels that it is duty to solve the problems in favour of the lovers. The appearance of his beloved Dulcinea gives him strength for the task.

Scene two - On the way

Don Quijote and Sancho Pansa are travelling around, when they meet Kitri and Basilio, who are fleeing from Camacho and Kitri's father. On seeing them Don Quijote starts to flight with them. By doing this, he works himself up into visions: the sails of a windmill become a  giant – a desperate fight begins.

Scene three - The dream

Don Quijote is lying on the floor, wounded. He is dreaming of Dulcinea and her beautiful companions. Her world is of a floating, celestial character.

Scene four - in the tavern

Kitri and Basilio have returned to the tavern of the village. Her friends and the matador with his girlfriend Mercedes arc also there. Camacho and Manolo arrive and try to force Kitri to marry. The desperate Basilio pretends to stab himself to death in a very dramatic and the same time funny way. Already dying he begs the shocked father to allow him to marry Kitri. Finally he agrees- immediately Basilio jumps up again, very alive.

Scene five – The marriage

A joyful celebration.