Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty) - Synopsis

Dornröschen.©Charles Tandy Dornröschen_Lucia Lacarra, Vincent Loermans, Valentina Divina.©Charles Tandy

Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty)

Ballet by Marius Petipa
Music by Peter I. Tschaikowsky


Prologue: The Christening

King Florestan has invited all the fairies in his kingdom to the christening of his baby daughter Aurora. One by one the fairies offer their gifts to the princess. But suddenly the wicked fairy Carabosse appears, furious because they have forgotten to invite her. She decides to put a curse on Aurora: the princess will prick her finger on a spindle and die before she is grown up. However, the Lilac Fairy has not yet given her gift to the princess, and she is able to transform Carabosse's spell with her own. Aurora will not die, but will fall into a deep sleep and be awakened by a prince's kiss.


Act I: The Spell

It is Princess Aurora's 16th birthday. Four princes have come to ask for her hand in marriage. A mysterious woman gives the princess a golden spindle. Before anyone can take it away from her, Aurora pricks her finger, and the stranger reveals herself as Carabosse. However the Lilac Fairy is true to her word. She casts the whole court into a deep sleep and surrounds the palace with an impenetrable forest.


Act II: The Vision

A hundred years have passed. In a far-off land, Prince Desiré is hunting with his entourage. While he is alone, the Lilac Fairy appears and shows him a vision of the sleeping princess. As the vision fades, Desiré asks the Lilac Fairy to lead him to her. With her help he reaches the palace and awakens Aurora with a kiss.


Act III: The Wedding

Fairy-tale characters come to the dazzling celebrations at the wedding of Prince Desiré and Princess Aurora. The Lilac Fairy gives her blessing to the couple, wishing them a long and happy life.