Forever Young

The Moor's Pavane. Cyril Pierre, Tigran Mikayelyan. ©Day Kol Choreartium. Ensemble. ©Wilfried Hösl Broken Fall. Ekaterina Petina, Erik Murzagaliyev, Marlon Dino. ©Wilfried Hösl
José Limón /
Léonide Massine /
Russell Maliphant

Broken Fall / The Moor's Pavane / Choreartium
Choreographies by Russell Maliphant / José Limón / Léonide Massine

Music by Henry Purcell, arranged by Simon Sadoff / Johannes Brahms, Symphony Nr. 4 e Moll op. 98 / Barry Adamson

Forever Young – the title of a mixed-bill program featuring José Limón’s The Moor‘s Pavane, Choreartium by Léonide Massine and Maliphant's Broken Fall, with a hint of irony, reflects on a central theme of dance research which recently has been strongly endorsed by the National Culture Foundation: What is dance heritage and how do we pass it on? How do we handle the responsibility of keeping alive the legacies created by past choreographers? When the quality of the work itself transcends all of its contemporary ties and cross-references, it carries over seamlessly to the next generation: it is indeed Forever young… A certain part of this legacy arguably is to be kept in archives – the rest needs to stay alive through performance.

The Bavarian State Ballet responds to the call for innovation in dance during the season by dedicating it to the classic modernity as well as challenging its audience’s perceptions with original contemporary works. With his masterpiece Choreartium, originating from the tradition of the Ballets Russes, choreographer Léonide Massine laid the groundwork for future artists by visualizing music through dance. Thereby, he created unsentimental works that, apart from their metaphysical content, stand for pure aesthetic 'material' which will be accessible to many generations to come. José Limón’s ballet The Moor‘s Pavane, a take on Shakespeare’s drama between Otello and Desdemona, focuses on the human inability to love, trust and his lack of compassion and empathy. To this day, the ballet by Mexican-American choreographer José Limón from 1949 is considered one of the key-repertory pieces of American Modern dance.

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Friday, 23 November 2012
7.30 p.m. - app. 9.45 p.m.
Prices G
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The Moor's Pavane

Musikalische Leitung Robertas Šervenikas
Kostüme Pauline Lawrence
Choreographie José Limón
Einstudierung Sarah Stackhouse
Musik Henry Purcell
arrangiert von Simon Saddoff

Der Mohr Cyril Pierre
Seine Frau Séverine Ferrolier
Der Freund Tigran Mikayelyan
Dessen Frau Gözde Özgür


Choreographie Léonide Massine
Musik Johannes Brahms
Bühne Keso Dekker
Musikalische Leitung Robertas Šervenikas
Einstudierung Anna Krzyskow
Lorca Massine

Solistin 1 Luisa Díaz González
Solistin 2 Luiza Bernardes Bertho
Solistin 3 Evgenia Dolmatova
Solistin 4 Gözde Özgür
Solistin 5 Mai Kono
Solistin 2. Satz Séverine Ferrolier
Solist 1 Matej Urban
Solist 2 Tigran Mikayelyan
Solist 3 Wlademir Faccioni
Solist 4 Karen Azatyan

Broken Fall

Choreographie Russell Maliphant
Musik Barry Adamson
Licht Michael Hulls

Solistin Stephanie Hancox
Solist 1 Matej Urban
Solist 2 Erik Murzagaliyev

Soloists and corps de ballet of the Bavarian State Ballet
The Bavarian State Orchestra