Migratory Birds

Zugvögel, Filmszene Jiří Kylián: Zugvögel Zugvögel
Jiří Kylián

Music by Dirk Haubrich, Han Otten a.o.

The Migratory Birds were, are, and remain an homage to the theatre, a reverence to the performing arts that demands all of the assets of its performers! In the repertory of the Bavarian State Ballet, they stand for a truly unique dance spectacle, a multi-media show and an explosion of emotions. The audience goes on an audio-visual exploration tour through the maze of the below the stage area, opening doors that remain closed to the “ordinary” theater guest. The scenes witnessed here evoke a wide spectrum of emotion: from thoughtful to saddened to outright laughter. We love our Migratory Birds at the Bavarian State Ballet, perhaps because they really are an innate part of our identity.

The cast has rarely changed since the world premiere. Migratory Birds are loyal, they always return from a journey to their point of departure.




Friday, 22 February 2013
8.45 p.m. - app. 10.00 p.m.
Playing time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Prices D
Open ticket sales
Reduced prices for the Program Young Audience

Bühne und Licht Michael Simon
Kostüme Yoshiki Hishinuma
Film Boris Paval Conen
Unterbühneninstallation und -choreographie Karine Guizzo
Unterbühneninstallation und -choreographie (Assistenz) Yvan Dubreuill
Filmmusik Han Otten
Filmkostüme Joke Visser
Musik Dirk Haubrich
Künstlerische Gesamtleitung und Choreographie Jiří Kylián

Soloists and corps de ballet of the Bavarian State Ballet