Migratory Birds - Further information

Zugvögel, Filmszene Jiří Kylián: Zugvögel Zugvögel
Migratory Birds
Jiří Kylián

Music by Dirk Haubrich, Han Otten a.o.


Zugvögel (Migratory Birds)
Music: Dirk Haubrich, Maurice Ravel „La Valse“, Han Otten
Set, light: Michael Simon
Costumes: Yoshiki Hishinuma
Realisation of costumes: Susanne Stehle
Installations at under-stage area, choreography, costumes: Karine Guizzo
Artistic contributions: Yvan Dubreuil
Film: Boris Paval Conen and Jiří Kylián
Soundtrack: Han Otten
Costumes in the film: Joke Visser
Camera: Walter van den Ende
With Sabine Kupferberg, Richelle Plantinga
Projections in the auditorium: Daniel Bisig, Tatsuo Unemi

World premiere with the Bavarian State Ballet on May 09, 2008 at Nationaltheater, Munich

Music recorded
Tour of the under-stage area 45 minutes before the show